Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cranberry Salad


I got this amazing recipe from my mother in law. :)

In a food processor, grind one cleaned bag of cranberries (not the bag of course). Place in a container with 1 1/2 cups crushed pineapple and 1 cup sugar or less. Soak overnight. Drain well. Add 3 large chopped apples, 2 cups marshmallows, grapes, and one pint fresh whipped cream. Crushed walnuts or pecans optional.

I made a fourth of July version by adding blueberries and leaving some white swirls of whipped cream. I also added nectarines for the first time, b/c we had them, and loved it!



  1. But where on earth do you find cranberries this time of year? Not too long ago I tried two grocery store and one boutiquey/organic/expensive market by my house & nothing! Not even frozen ones!

  2. Hi Kristy! I had a bunch in my freezer. You're right, they are nearly impossible to find this time of year. I always buy a few extra bags when I find them. :)


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