Monday, November 1, 2010

Three Billies (and Zero Trolls)

I'm officially OBSESSED with the Billy Cardi. Go make one right now- you won't regret it!

Here's my practice/casual one featuring some of the $5 five yard knit from Walmart:


(Billy Cardi, top from this cool shop, skirt made by me, shoes from my friend's shop that'll hopefully be online soon)


Church Halloween outfit (billy cardi, shade top, $2 kohl's belt, didn't realize how bright the skirt is when I ordered it online but it was free (minus shipping) from VS, shoes by crocs. I think I should stick to heels).


Unintentional puckered sleeve close-up (LOVE it!)


And the cutest and littlest Billy:


(necklace made by me and a useful bribe, top from children's place clearance, pants made by me)


Have a great day!



  1. COuld you send me the pic?

  2. So cute! Do you mind if I post the picture with my top?

  3. WELL HELLO! Look how cute your little muffin is! OMGosh she's adorable! I would love love love to take your family pictures!! Please let me know when is a good time for you and your family ... weekends are probably the best for me, but if that doesn't work for you, we'll figure out something else! Let me know!! :)

  4. Wow so inspiring. I'm going to try to make one these!

  5. Very cute. I still haven't sat down to make one of these, but oh how I want one.

  6. Wow, that sweater is HOT. It almost makes me want to dust off my retro sewing machine and make an attempt.

  7. I've seen this tutorial, it looks great, also love love love it on your wee girl.... may have to bookmark for winter for my lil girl....thankyou

  8. Is this your pink Burda skirt? It looks nice in pink! Your daughter is beyond adorable :)

  9. (Sorry about all the comments tonight...I'm just in a really enthusiastic mood I guess!)

    Love the cardi's! I want to make one too!


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