Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Present Reveal

One of two bags (same material) for my sister:


Double sided fleece throw for my brother in law:


Fleece skirt for my sister in law: (as a side note, I think I want one for myself. My husband's a bit skeptical b/c fleece is sort of unconventional for skirts. What do you think? I used a needle and thread to tack the top of the bottom ruffle to the skirt. Thank goodness it wasn't anything that couldn't be accomplished during Jeopardy. I have a serious aversion to hand sewing).


I guess I didn't take any other pictures of these. Is it a lot of work for anyone else to pack up the house for a vacation?

Fleece coat for my mom who likes short sleeved things and pockets:


Messenger bag for my brother with added interior pockets: (my first time sewing with duck cloth. My stitches kept sliding around. Maybe I should've used a different needle?)


Corduroy bag for my sister: (this will be my last serious project with inexpensive corduroy. The fraying and pulling out of the stitches drove me a little bit mad).


Hope you had a great Christmas and New Years!


  1. Ooo! I was excited to see these! I love the little sweater you made for your mom! How cute! I also liked the bags. I wish I had your skills.


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