Sunday, October 21, 2018

The Orchid Midi by Chalk and Notch

Did you see the gorgeous Orchid Midi by Chalk and Notch and the Parasol Jumpsuit by Ensemble Patterns released this month? I'm still swooning over all of the versions and combinations of these two patterns! You need to check out these posts if you haven't already!! (Gabriela's post! Celina's post!)

chalk and notch orchid midi by replicate then deviate

I was lucky enough to be able to test the Orchid Midi and I just love it! I feel so elegant and comfortable in it! This was my first test for Gabriela and I really like how she divided her testing into different phases, which was new to me.

chalk and notch orchid midi by replicate then deviate

I was in the first phase test group, so there have been a few minor changes to the final pattern (which is NORMAL over the course of testing but I didn't want to misrepresent this gorgeous pattern!). The final pattern has been shortened in the skirt and the sleeves are slightly longer than my version shows.

chalk and notch orchid midi by replicate then deviate

The Orchid Midi comes in sizes 0-18 and has a home print and copy shop version. There are layers so you only need to print the size(s) you need and there are pattern pieces for the interfacing, which is much faster for me than drawing my own pattern pieces for interfacing! There are notches and instructions for finishing the seams, which leads to a lovely finish. Sleeve options include ruffled sleeves and a long sleeve (and sleeveless if you combine it with the Parasol Jumpsuit). My favorite part is the VERY GENEROUS pockets! The instructions have clear text and illustrations.

chalk and notch orchid midi by replicate then deviate

This was my first proper mitered corner (at the hem) and the instructions were clear and I got a nice finish the first time around.

For this test version I used a 100% cotton. It is a little stiffer than the suggested rayon fabrics (rayon challis or rayon crepe) but similar in feel to the cotton lawn (also recommended) I have in my stash. I sewed a size 12 according to my measurements. After wearing this dress (and napping in it then taking these pics), I determined I needed to buy a tiny snap set to keep the bodice more overlapped for my comfort. I also need to redo the elastic so it's not quite as snug (again, not a pattern issue, just for personal comfort) since the sleeves ended up a little shorter than intended and I measured the elastic comfortably for my wrist.

chalk and notch orchid midi by replicate then deviate

I am planning a light blue floral for my next version. I might try printing the final pattern at a copy shop. I found the home print pattern was laid out very efficiently but the pages fall off my island so it's more challenging to assemble. What format do you prefer? I'm also itching to sew a pair of Parasol Trousers! You can pick up both patterns at a discount here or here until the end of the month. I also have a copy of the Orchid Midi that I'm giving away on instagram. (@replicatethendeviate)

chalk and notch orchid midi by replicate then deviate

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