Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fleece Outfits Out and About and a Happy Mistake

Stroll Through the Park



Ansley's new jacket and pants were perfect for our recent trip to Chicago and winter (which is like FOREVER here). I used two remnants, though I was tricked by the sign on the remnant bin which said remnants were 50% off. It turns out they're 50% off the original price, not 50% off the price on the tag.

Anyway, I traced a pair of pants that fit her. I was guided by these tutorials. I made a blue pair and a purple pair. The purple remnant I bought was already serged on the side. Unfortunately I had to unpick part of it b/c I needed the material for the pants.

I was able to keep the serged edge for my sleeves. The jacket started out as a tunic length shirt (I traced a shirt that fit her) but it was too hard for my squirmy girl to get into and out of comfortably so I cut the front open and finished the edges. I added a button and elastic hook closure the next day. I love it! I think it turned out better than I planned. I also used contrasting pink thread for all of her new clothes, mostly b/c I was too lazy to change the thread and bobbin.

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