Thursday, March 24, 2011

Picnik Fun


Want to make one?

Select the "Create" tab.
Select "effects."
Under "effects" select "pencil sketch."
Play around with the radius, strength, and fade. My radius is about 2.5 (mm? the units aren't specified), strength is about 90%, and the fade is about 15%. I don't pay for Picnik premium so these are best guesses.


  1. so cool! thanks for the tutorial. i love using picnic and how easy it is:)

    btw thank you for your comment on my 36 weeks post - im glad to know im not the only one feeling like 100 year old! i took a long bath today and i think it helped me with the pelvic pain a bit, but still.. cant wait to feel light again!

  2. So I was going to leave a comment with a little more substance than this, but I can't help but say this: Asian babies just make me MELT! She's so cute!

  3. I love the effect! Looks awesome!


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