Friday, February 8, 2013

The Happiest Place on Earth Part One

Here's the first installment of pictures from over a month ago. We spent almost three days at Disneyland and I didn't think I'd want more time but I did! This post is character themed, with a few relevant photos interspersed.

 photo IMG_7204.jpg

 photo 364.jpg

 photo 366.jpg

 photo 704.jpg

 photo 706.jpg

 photo 707.jpg

 photo 708.jpg

Lunch with the Princesses! Lunch was delicious but it was kind of hard to take the pictures I wanted between all of the tables and with all of the people. I was glad the website recommends spending about 90 minutes there b/c I would've really been surprised at how long the meal took.

 photo 784.jpg

 photo 787.jpg

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 photo 791.jpg

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 photo 798.jpg

 photo 800.jpg

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 photo 805.jpg

 photo 806.jpg

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 photo 812.jpg

 photo 816.jpg

 photo 818st.jpg

 photo 820.jpg

 photo 822.jpg

 photo 823.jpg

By the time it was our turn, it was pretty dark.

 photo 825.jpg

(I wish the lighting was better in Rapunzel's tower! I hope the lighting is great in the new Princess Faire)

 photo 829.jpg

 photo 830.jpg

 photo 831.jpg

 photo 832.jpg

 photo 833.jpg

 photo 836.jpg

(red light from the Disney photographer's flash) (love Flynn's face ha)

 photo 839.jpg

 photo 840.jpg

 photo 842.jpg

 photo 952.jpg

 photo 955.jpg

 photo 958.jpg

 photo 962.jpg

 photo 964.jpg

 photo 967.jpg

(cute picture from when I was testing out my camera settings)

 photo 970.jpg

 photo 972c.jpg

 photo 982.jpg

 photo 983.jpg

 photo 987.jpg

 photo 988.jpg

(awkward hug)

 photo 991.jpg

 photo 997.jpg

 photo 1000.jpg

(Ansley didn't want a turn after we got to the front of the line)

 photo IMG_7172.jpg

 photo IMG_7188.jpg

 photo IMG_7189.jpg

 photo IMG_7192.jpg

 photo IMG_7193.jpg

 photo IMG_7197.jpg

 photo IMG_7205.jpg

 photo IMG_7206.jpg

 photo IMG_7208.jpg

 photo IMG_7214.jpg

 photo IMG_7216.jpg

 photo IMG_7217.jpg

 photo IMG_7219.jpg

 photo IMG_7220.jpg

(asking about the fairies or Prince Philip)

 photo IMG_7221.jpg

 photo IMG_7224.jpg

 photo IMG_7225.jpg

 photo IMG_7226.jpg

 photo IMG_7227.jpg

 photo IMG_7228.jpg

 photo IMG_7229.jpg

We stood in line again b/c Ansley wanted to see Tiana.

 photo IMG_7255.jpg

 photo IMG_7257.jpg

 photo IMG_7258.jpg

 photo IMG_7264.jpg

Snow White was really sweet when she saw Ansley again.

 photo IMG_7265.jpg

 photo IMG_7266.jpg

 photo IMG_7267.jpg

 photo IMG_7269.jpg


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 photo IMG_7275.jpg

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 photo IMG_7279.jpg

 photo IMG_7278.jpg

 photo IMG_7281.jpg

 photo IMG_7282.jpg

 photo IMG_7284.jpg

 photo IMG_7285.jpg

 photo IMG_7286.jpg

 photo IMG_7288st.jpg

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 photo IMG_7291.jpg

 photo IMG_7292.jpg

 photo IMG_7295st.jpg

 photo IMG_7313.jpg

 photo IMG_7314.jpg

 photo IMG_7317.jpg

 photo IMG_7360.jpg

 photo IMG_7363.jpg

 photo IMG_7365.jpg

 photo IMG_7393.jpg

 photo IMG_7394.jpg

 photo IMG_7397.jpg

 photo IMG_7451.jpg

 photo IMG_7462st.jpg

 photo IMG_7475.jpg

 photo IMG_7477.jpg

 photo IMG_7480.jpg

 photo IMG_7481.jpg

Flasher haha (really, she was just showing Snow White her Snow White dress but the picture's pretty funny).

 photo IMG_7487.jpg

 photo IMG_7493.jpg

 photo IMG_7577.jpg

 photo IMG_7583.jpg

 photo IMG_7586.jpg

 photo IMG_7587.jpg


  1. Emily, these pictures are so adorable! I LOVE Disneyland! What a great photographer you are! You must have made Ansley's dresses. They are so cute!

  2. What a great thing to do! Ansley was a trouper through a long day of princes and princesses and characters. Those candid pics with Goofy were a perfectly goofy counterpoint to the others.

  3. FUN & Way toooooo cute loved this album.

  4. so cute! I love that your princess dresses had circle skirts so your daughter could twirl around in them! and the leggings underneath! great idea!!!


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