About Me

Thanks for stopping by! I started this blog for a couple of reasons:

1. I wanted to share what I've made using awesome bloggers' tutorials.
2. I wanted a positive place and something I could control (yes, I'm a little type a) after my first miscarriage.
3. I wanted a place to organize my recipes and document sewing progress.
4. It's super fun to scroll through the archives and watch Ansley grow up.

My blog had a temporary name until last week when my husband told me to "replicate, then deviate."

You may use a picture from my blog (just not ones of my daughter, please) AND link back to my blog. Please ask if you want to use more than one picture. I'll probably say yes. And pinning is okay too!

Tutorials are not intended to make you monetarily rich.

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  1. I just gave your blog an award

    check out the post here


    I love reading your blog and hope you will accept the award.



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