Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Camera Box/Bag

Before we went on our trip, I decided I wanted a camera bag. However, I didn't find any that I liked that were in our price range so I made one. This is the second version- the first is large enough for an old school video camera! I thought it would be nice to have space for extra lenses that I don't have but decided compact was better. It's not the fanciest bag and is totally boxy but for about $20 it has already served its purpose.




I started with a box and some one inch high density foam. I glued the foam to the inside of the box with upholstery spray (glue). The foam extends above the box, which you can totally see if you look closely. I used a faux leather from Home Fabrics for the exterior and a lightweight upholstery fabric (also from Home Fabrics) for the interior. I love that I can set my camera inside without the lens sticking up or down. I added two pockets that are perhaps too big and a metal snap closure. This was my first time sewing with faux leather and it wasn't too tricky. I used a heavy duty needle and didn't pin it b/c I didn't want holes in the material. The leaves were already sewn onto the fabric. I like that I can wipe it clean. :) And maybe it doesn't scream "I'm a camera bag, steal me!"

Here it is in action:


Also, here.

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  1. I am gonna need some Details Fast, because I have been thinking for almost a year about how I am going to make a bag for my camera that isn't ugly!


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