Monday, May 20, 2019

Jalie 3901 Kate Gymnastics Leotards


Hello! I'm excited to share these Kate Leotards, one of the newest leotards from Jalie Patterns. My girls have been living in these since I finished them (as you can tell from the multiple picture locations (since we were winded/dusted one day and another day was really cold and another day the light was just lovely)).

I was recently invited to join the Jalie Ambassador group and got to preview some of the new patterns! Since the patterns come in 28 sizes I was able to use the same patterns for me and my girls! This is the first of three posts on the new collection for clarity/brevity.

The Kate Leotard has a higher bound neckline and a sleeveless option (with binding) or a long sleeved option. There are optional applique options that can transform the look of the leotard. The pattern instructions are available on the website (and with the pattern) and the pattern can be printed in layers so you can print only the size(s) you need. Pattern pieces include notches and markings to align all the pieces properly.

I chose to sew a size K for Lisbon and a size P for Ansley based on their measurements. The fabric the girls picked came from The Stash and Joann Fabrics. Everything fit together beautifully!




I sewed the binding on incorrectly on Lisbon's (I should've sewed on the edge of the elastic instead of right next to it) but was able to figure it out by the time I sewed Ansley's. Ansley requested a short sleeve so I simply drew a line where I wanted the sleeve to end and added the hem allowance. We found it helpful to color in the line drawings with the proposed colors of appliques/sleeves/body so we could visualize how it would turn out. I also found it helpful to use wonder tape on the appliques because they didn't shift with the pins. I had just finished the (unblogged!) Anne Wheeler costume using the Jalie Tessa pattern and found wonder tape invaluable when I was in such a time crunch! (there are pics on my instagram @replicatethendeviate and I'll try to get it to the blog). My Bernina 801 prefers stretch needles (vs ballpoint) when working with this fabric.












These leotards have been tested at dance class and acro and while dancing while watching World of Dance and they stay put (no wedgies- sorry if that's tmi) and are comfortable and easy to move in.


jalie kate

jalie kate

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