Saturday, March 5, 2011

Another Day, Another Dollar, Another Dress


Another day of being sick (and another night of Ansley not sleeping)/me going crazy with the unnecessary crying b/c I won't let her watch Curious George all day long.

One of the dollar dresses I bought at Walmart (yes, only a dollar!) with plans to repurpose them. I know the before picture isn't the exact dress but it's the same style, weight, etc. The one I used was a size 16 in women's.

My favorite pattern as of late. Also seen here and here. It's obviously a bit big in the arms and length but I want it to fit her for a while and I didn't measure the length on her b/c she was napping for a few minutes. The fabric is actually two layers. It would've been really thin if it wasn't. I'm not sure it'll last that long if it gets snagged on anything but it sure is comfy, lightweight, and airy- perfect for summer.


  1. Oh man, that is SO cute! I wish I could make dresses like that for my little girls!!!! Maybe some day!

  2. wow a dollar dress! thats a great deal. i love the dress you made for your daughter, and the collage! :)

  3. this came out adorable! Love the fabric you found for only $1 in another dress - those are my favorite. I frequent the Salvation Army on Wednesdays for thrifty finds at 50% :) - just finished loading up on navy and white stripe shirts meant to hopefully repurpose into little boys clothes eventually :)


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