Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Marilla Skirt


Inspired by the Maria skirt from Banana Republic:

I love the asymmetric ruffles, but not the color. My version cost $2 (same fabric as this skirt, from one of my five dollar five yard Walmart bolts)and the original is currently $49.99 on sale. Do you think I should dye it?

Here's how I made it:


I made a waistband by stretching my knit fabric around my waist (the stretchy direction around my waist) until it felt snug. My waistband is tall so I can fold it over or leave it up if (IF!) I need a maternity skirt again. No pictures b/c single layered, it's pretty sheer and it's snugger than you want to see.

I made three tiers, each about one and a half times my hip measurement, which was close enough cutting from selvedge to selvedge. My longest tier was about 17.5 inches. The next ones were 1.5 or 2 inches shorter.

I sewed (without backstitching) along the width of each rectangle with my longest stitch (a 4 on my machine). I gathered each rectangle until it fit around my hips. (I did them individually b/c it was impossible to gather thee layers of thin bedsheet when I was making another project).

I sewed the three rectangles together with a zigzag stitch. I sewed two together first, then the third to the other two.

I sewed the waistband together so it made a tube.

I sewed the skirt together. I thought it would be a good idea to make sure all of the tiers were sewn together in the single seam. It's not a good idea. Leave yours free and sew them together after you cut your angled ruffles.

I sewed the skirt and waistband together, right sides together.

Then came the kind of scary part- cutting the angled ruffles. I didn't measure anything, I just eyeballed it. Look at the diagram and go slow- you can always cut more if you need to. Mine isn't perfect and I might cut it some more. . . .

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  1. Love it! Creative idea and it looks so comfortable! Every time I come here I wish I could sew more clothes. Your clothes look awesome!

  2. You should do an ombre dye! Ombre is so hot right now.

  3. That's a lovely skirt! I love anything that looks fun and flowy-ish!!! :)


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